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Looking for Missing Miles?

To help us answer your Skywards Miles @mall enquiries including Enquiry Form, we ask that you kindly complete our guided enquiry process to enable us to aid you faster.



What is Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn?

Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn is a shopping website for earning Skywards Miles when you shop with over 1,500 online and instore partner brands.

You can browse the partner brands on offer, both instore and online without being a Skywards Member, however, you’ll need to sign into your Emirates Skywards membership account, or join the Emirates Skywards programme to earn Skywards Miles for purchases from participating partner brands. Not an Emirates Skywards member? Join now.

You can earn Skywards Miles by completing purchases with participating partner brands when you shop online through the You also earn Skywards Miles when you link your payment cards on and when you shop instore using any of your linked payment cards with our participating partner brands. If you are not an Emirates Skywards member you can join now.

Earn Skywards Miles When Shopping Online

How do I start shopping and earning?

  • Access and make sure you’re logged into your Emirates Skywards membership account.
  • Choose a partner brand you want to shop with and click the ‘Shop Now’ button.
  • Remember, you must log in and click through to the partner brand's site from every time you shop for us to track your purchases and award your Skywards Miles.
  • It is important for you to enable cookies in your internet browser’s settings and accept all cookies throughout your journey for us to track your purchases and award your Skywards Miles.
  • You must enable your Internet browser cookies, disable 'Prevent cross-site tracking' and turn off 'Ad-block extension'.
  • You must accept the partner brand site cookies to be sure your Miles are awarded to your Account.

No, you will not spend any more by using our – and you’ll get the benefit of earning Skywards Miles. It’s the same price as shopping directly with the partner brands, so you won’t miss out on any of their special offers. By using you can earn Skywards Miles on every qualifying purchase.

No. Members will only earn Skywards Miles once logged in and begin their online shopping journey via

Yes, you will still earn Skywards Miles when you shop via, but we would advise that you don’t purchase any items that you have previously saved to your cart – this could affect receiving your Skywards Miles. It’s best to start your shopping directly from

  • It takes up to 5 working days for a purchase to display as ‘Pending’.
  • It may be that the web browser used at the time of purchase had cookies disabled or you may have not accepted the cookies during your purchase journey. Cookies allow us to track your purchase - without them there’s no way for the system to allocate Skywards Miles to your Account. Read more about cookies.

If you’d like some help figuring out what’s happened, please contact us.

Here are some best practice guidelines:

  • Make sure you sign into your Emirates Skywards membership account before clicking on the ‘Shop Now’ button in the
  • Complete your purchase online, all in one session.
  • If you decide after check out that you want to purchase something else, close the partner brands site window and start the process again, starting from
  • Don't retrieve previously saved items in your shopping cart; start completely from
  • Don’t click on another banner or website promoting the partner brands before you complete your transaction. If you must visit another site before completing your purchase, please use a different browser to do so. Interrupting the browser session that started from can affect tracking.
  • Don't use "refer a friend" programs, again this changes the referrer.
  • Telephoning the partner brands to complete or modify your order will likely override the Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn tracking (and therefore you will not earn Skywards Miles).
  • Some internet security and ad blocking software programs prevent the special tracking codes we need to track your purchases, please disable your program before using
  • Don’t use a voucher code which isn’t displayed on at the time of your purchase.
  • Don’t switch to another country’s link within the partner brand’s site for making a purchase as most partner brand would not track the purchase if the country’s domain has changed.

Skywards Miles can be cancelled for a number of reasons. The most common are:

  • You have returned the products you purchased to the partner brands
  • Your transaction didn’t meet the partner brands’ Purchase Conditions
  • Your payment failed or you didn't meet the requirements of the partner brand's credit check
  • Your last click with the partner brand didn't come from Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn
  • If a Voucher code is used that is not listed on the Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn, no Skywards Miles will be earned
  • When you buy something from a partner brand, the transaction will appear in your Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn ’My Purchases’ section as ’Pending’ within 5 working days.
  • We'll confirm the transaction with the partner brands before updating the transaction status to 'Approved'. Most purchases will be approved within 45 days, but some partner brands may take up to 120 days. Policies, contracts and subscriptions may take longer, and are subject to the partner brands Terms & Conditions. Skywards Miles awarded for food and beverage purchases are generally credited after five (5) days.
  • Once ‘Approved’ Skywards Miles will be posted to your Emirates Skywards membership account within 24 hours.

If you need some help claiming missing Skywards Miles please contact us.

The Skywards Miles site will clearly outline how many Skywards Miles you'll earn for purchases with participating partner brands. In most cases, this will be expressed as a number of Skywards Miles earned per £1/ $1 spent at the partner brands.

  • For example, if the partner brand is offering 2 Skywards Miles per £1/ $1 spent, and your transaction total is £50/ $50 (excluding any GST, taxes and delivery) you can expect to receive 100 Skywards Miles.
  • In another example, you may not earn Skywards Miles per £1/ $1 spent, but rather a certain number of Skywards Miles for a single purchase/subscription, or by registering for a service with that partner brand. In this instance, you'll receive Skywards Miles for that one action, but not for subsequent actions or purchases on that partner brand’s site.

Skywards Miles are not earned on shipping, handling, tax, or the purchase and/or use of gift vouchers, which for avoidance of doubt, includes gift cards, gift certificates, or any other similar cash equivalents such as store credits offered by the partner brands.

Yes. You can see all your transactions whether they are ‘Pending’, ‘Approved’ or ‘Cancelled’ under ‘My Purchases’ on Your Skywards Miles balance will be updated on your Emirates Skywards membership account for ‘Approved’ transactions.

Members can check their Emirates Skywards Miles statement. If Miles are not credited, they can check their ‘My Purchases’ section on to see the status of their transaction.

It’s the partner brands who decide the level of Skywards Miles given for shopping with them. Be sure to check out how many Skywards Miles the partner brands offer before completing your purchase. You may also use the Calculate Miles feature available on each partner brand page which will provide you with an estimation of the number of Miles you may earn on your purchase.

Earn rates can fluctuate, and some partner brands may offer bonus Miles occasionally. The current earning rate is always displayed on so remember to look at the current rate to know how many Skywards Miles you’ll earn.

We're constantly adding and looking for new partner brands, so if you know of a great online service or shop that you'd like to see added to our growing list, please let us know.

Yes, all Skywards Members can shop from any of the online partner brands. If overseas shipping is required, members should check that shipping to their preferred country is possible before completing their purchase.

We currently offer thousands of brands across 5 markets, as the partnership continues to grow, more markets will be added.

You can cancel purchases and get a refund in the usual way that you would do directly with the partner brands, subject to the partner brands’ terms and conditions. However, you will not earn Skywards Miles for any cancelled or refunded orders. If you cancel a purchase after Skywards Miles have been posted to your Emirates Skywards membership account, we reserve the right to deduct such Skywards Miles from your account.

No, there is no difference in the refund and return policies.

No, if a member chooses to return their purchase, Miles will not be awarded.


Are my personal details safe?

Your personal information is kept completely confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

No sensitive or identifiable personal information is shared. The partner brand is only able to tell that the member has visited their site via Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn.

No information is shared with the partner brands.

Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn will not share any personal information about you with our online or instore partner brands. Please note though that when you click a ‘Shop Now’ link to a partner brand, you will leave the Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn completely and be subject to that partner brand’s Terms & Conditions. If you share your details with a partner brand, they may contact you.

Login with Emirates Skywards

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my Emirates Skywards password?

You will need your Emirates Skywards membership account number or email address and your password to log in. If you have forgotten your password, please select "Forgot Password" on the Emirates Skywards login page and follow the instructions to reset your password.

You may review and update the personal information you provide by logging in in to your Emirates Skywards membership account.

Shipping and Delivery

Where will Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn partner brands deliver to?

You will need to check with each individual partner brand for full details of their shipping and delivery options.


How does it work?

To understand how to earn Skywards Miles for shopping with the Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn please visit our How It Works page.

We have over 2,800 partner brands on the site covering a vast range of shopping categories and we’re always adding more.

Click here to access My Account on Alternatively, you can access the Help section for general FAQs and support.

From time to time partner brands may decide they no longer wish to participate in the Skywards Miles @Mall - Earn and offer Skywards Miles for purchases. When this happens, we thank them for participating and remove them from our listings.

You can redeem Skywards Miles for Gift Cards by clicking on the ‘Spend Miles’ button on the home page of this site or click here.