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The Blueground
12 Miles / $10

The Blueground

Blueground is a global proptech company that is reinventing the future of living. With its unique approach to high-quality accommodation for a month, a year, or longer, Blueground addresses an unmet need for flexibility and ease in home renting. It offers flexible lease terms for its curated network of thousands of fully furnished apartments in sought-after neighborhoods around the world. Blueground’s tech-enabled platform also provides a fully digitized experience with around-the-clock support and access to daily necessities, including apartment cleanings, grocery delivery, wellness offerings, and more. Headquartered in New York City, Blueground has a portfolio of several thousand apartments in a growing number of cities across the US, Europe, and Asia.
Minimum 18 years old. Valid ID document required. Background check - carried out in some markets eg: US

Cancellation policy:
Canceling before move-in:
30+ days prior to move-in: 100% refund
Under 30 days prior to move in: penalties may apply depending on various conditions specific to each market

Terminating contract early, post move-in
No termination fee
Notice must be given to Blueground 30 to 60 days prior to move out (notice period varies by market)

Rewards are not calculated on postage / handling / delivery costs or associated purchase taxes in your region (This may include but not be limited to VAT, GST etc).