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Here is the page of Health-Ade - Card Linked brand
Health-Ade - Card Linked
Health-Ade - Card Linked
27 Miles / $10
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Health-Ade - Card Linked

When will I get my Miles?

Tracked within i5 day(s)
Awarded within i45 day(s)
Available online.

Purchases must be made using a registered credit card in order to qualify. Not all Mastercard, American Express and Visa cards are eligible for this Program. Without limitation, Visa Buxx, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Visa cards, EBT Visa cards and other Visa-branded cards whose transactions are not processed through the Visa U.S.A. payment system are not eligible to participate. Not all transactions made with your registered card (including PIN-based transactions, payment through a third-party digital wallet or payment app) can be monitored for eligibility to earn rewards. When using a debit card, please carry out a signaturedebit transaction. Do not use a PIN when making purchases if you want the transaction to be applied towards your offer completion.

About Health-Ade - Card Linked

Health-Ade is dedicated to producing delightful, effervescent beverages that enhance gut health, empowering you to embrace your true potential confidently. Our product lineup, including Health-Ade Kombucha, Health-Ade Glow Up, and SunSip prebiotic soda, is crafted to not only taste good but also make you feel good. Committed to quality, we ensure that every drink is naturally fermented, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan, surpassing the World Health Organization’s daily probiotic standards. At Health-Ade, we are on a mission to unlock the power of YOUR gut. Your
beautiful belly controls WAY MORE than just digestion – it drives just about everything you care about, including mood, energy, immunity, blood sugar, and even sleep. It has a VERY big job and knows just what one-of-a-kind-YOU needs to be happy. We want to help you learn about it, listen to it, trust it, and fuel it right. A happy gut means you’re bringing YOUR best self to the world, and that’s when I believe we ALL win. #followyourgut Please visit Health-Ade