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About Eyeconic

Hundreds of retailers sell eyewear online. But only Eyeconic partners with the VSP doctor network. And that’s just the beginning—we’re constantly evolving the way we buy eyewear online.

Along with seamlessly connecting your eyewear, your insurance coverage and your doctor’s expertise, we offer tons of frames and lenses custom made to fit your eyes. You’ll even have the option for a complimentary frame fitting and adjustment by a VSP doctor’s office. Don’t have a VSP doctor? We’ll connect you to one nearby.

When you shop at Eyeconic, you can trust your eyewear has gone through the proper inspection before it makes it on your face. Offering all the latest advancements in lens technology plus a range of modern styles, we keep fit and comfort at the forefront of our design process. And if you’re a VSP member, you’ll even receive special discounts on Eyeconic products.